Re-inventing sales and service
in the digital age

Engage in rich conversations with qualified customers around high-consideration products and services – at digital scale.

Our solution combines real-time data-driven customer insights together with live chat, video and audio communication and live collaborative tools such as co-browse, product demos and screen-sharing.

It helps increase ecommerce sales, deliver exceptional customer experience and customer service, while decreasing costs

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New Engagement Technology:
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After using videodesk, our customers report an average

videodesk live chat drives a 300% increase in conversion rates

increase in conversion rates
(compared to text chat conversations)

videodesk live chat drives a +20% increase in average order value

increase in average order value

videodesk live chat drives a 20-40% increase in customer satisfaction

improvement in customer satisfaction scores
(compared to phone and text chat conversations)

Improved first contact resolution Lower cart abandonment rates Higher productivity
Increased customer loyalty Reduced average handling time And more.

Visitor Targeting

Maximize your sales and support agents' impact and efficiency by engaging the right customer with the right channel at the right time.

Voice & Video Chat

Build trusting relationships with your customers and address complex requests with live customer service video chat.

Mobile Support

Give your customers the power to interact with your sales and support agents from home, from a store or on the go with live video assistance on mobile

Collaborative Tools

Offer your website visitors personalized support and assistance with co-browse, screen-sharing, file-sharing, live product demos and more.

Analytics & Reporting

Track your live engagement results over time with customer feedback and real-time agent performance monitoring.

These brands trust us to build trust with their customers:

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Universal, cross-browser compatibility

videodesk’s video chat solution works on all platforms and devices, no plugins or downloads required.

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Answer last-minute questions. Advise and guide customers through complex purchase decisions. Hold their hands during the check-out process – all at digital scale.

order size

Face-to-face conversations are golden opportunities to educate customers on the benefits of your high-margin products and services and to upsell additional items.


Let your service agents see exactly what your customers are seeing with mobile video support. You will dramatically cut resolution time and increase customer satisfaction.

your approach

Personalized panels, text, audio and video chat all have a role to play. Customize your sales approach by pushing the right invitation to the right shopper at the right time.

your impact

Use online engagement to have your best in-store or in-branch agents work the digital floor and meet customers online during off-peak hours.

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