Offer Real-Time, Live Support
Via Video. (Or Audio. Or Text.)

With videodesk, a simple click can connect your customers with expert support agents via video, directly through whatever web page they’re browsing.

I’d like to order, but I don’t have a credit card.

This item looks great in the pictures, but I can’t help wondering what it looks like up-close.

Do you offer a trial or money back guarantee?

Your agent can answer questions, demo a product, show details, even help a customer buy and check out. Think of it as white glove service, only online.

Because it’s private one-way video, your customer sees the agent; your agent cannot see your customer. (So shopping in pajamas is still okay). It all happens directly in the browser.  There are voice and text options, too.

Boost in Conversions
(compared to text chat)
Lift in Sales

200-300%+ Boost in Conversions?
20%+ Increase in sales? Yes, Really.
videodesk live VideoChat increases Customer Satisfaction by 20 to 40% compared to voice calls and text chat.

We see such results every day. After deploying videodesk’s live video chat software on more than 7,100 web sites, we have learned a great deal about how and where video assistance can profoundly affect the bottom line, and where it can’t. We live and breathe this, and are here to help you see these same results.

Some rules of thumb: Live support chat and personalized assistance can be especially profitable when your product is complex or technical, when there are many options or configurations, when you’re offering luxury goods, when customers only buy your products occasionally (so they’re not experts), when you see too many carts abandoned, and when your competitors offer a memorable web experience.

The key, of course, is to implement it the right way. It’s easy to get it wrong. We will help you get it right.

Start a Pilot Trial Next Week

How much could videodesk’s live chat software help you increase conversions, increase sales, enhance your lead scoring model and improve customer loyalty?  For the most definitive answer, we recommend running a trial before getting too deep into videodesk. Let your customers experience one-to-one live support first hand, then tally the results. It’s a real-world test. No hiding anything.

The videodesk customer engagement platform is so simple to deploy, you can set up a trial in a matter of days if you wish. If things look promising you can launch a larger pilot right away.

The built-in tracking and reporting will make it easy to tell — in hard numbers — exactly what effect videodesk has on your key indicators.